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Honorary Life Directors

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Johnny Esaw
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Iain Hunter

TRIBUTE TO Donald Edward “Johnny” Esaw - Cardiac Health Foundation Of Canada Board of Director 1991 - 2013.
“Johnny” Esaw served as an active Board Of Director member from 1991 to 2004 and a subsequent Honorary Director. He was involved with Dr. Terry Kavanagh - world renowned pioneer of cardiac rehabilitation - in the first WALK OF LIFE in 1984 with a handful of participants from TRI. The WALK OF LIFE has grown to involve over 5,000 participants and benefitting over 25 cardiac rehabilitation centres across Canada. Johnny was also a pioneer -in the field of television, broadcasting sports for CTV in six different decades. From auto racing to figure skating, from football to hockey, from golf to baseball, he presented television sports to Canadians. From televising eight Olympic games, including producing the global feed in Calgary 1988, to the 1972 Russia-Canada Summit series, Johnny was the consummate professional and innovator. Johnny was a brilliant and compassionate man, confident and opinionated, with benchmark integrity, and plenty of heart. The Cardiac Health Foundation Of Canada and Board of Directors is proud to present a tribute to Johnny Esaw and a heartfelt thank you for all that he contributed to the promotion of prevention, education and cardiac rehabilitation.

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