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Grant 2014-2015 Announcement

Heart Wise Exercise Program

The Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada received a total of $204,200 in grants from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, with the first two year grant in 2011 and a second one year grant for 2014 in partnership with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, the Mikey Network, Emergency Services Toronto, UHN Toronto Rumsey Centre and the YMCA Central Toronto to develop and expand the Heart Wise Exercise Program in Central and South Western Ontario. Initially under the leadership of the partners, Paul Sawyer and Barbara Kennedy expanded this program within the central and Southern Regions of Ontario. During this period they spearheaded a revision and expansion of the Heart Wise Exercise curriculum in consultation with Guelph-Humber. This curriculum was utilized to train Instructors in facilitating exercise and fitness programs for individuals recovering from cardiovascular disease and served as the basis for the e-learning curriculum currently offered by the Heart Wise Exercise Program University of Ottawa Heart Institute. John Sawdon and Tim Wong continued this expansion through out the GTA during the second grant.

For further information on the Heart Wise Exercise Program contact the University Of Ottawa Heart Institute who both designed and now manages this program. A listing of approved Heart Wise Exercise sites can be accessed under links in the mall walking section of this website or the University of Ottawa Heart Institute by clicking here: http://heartwise.ottawaheart.ca/

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Diabetes and Heart Disease
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