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Tips For Your Doctor's Appointment

Going to see our doctor can be a stressful event. We often leave the leave the doctor's office with more questions than answers. The following are tips to ensure that when you leave your doctor's office, you have expressed your concerns accurately; you have a good understanding of what you were told and feel confident that all of your questions were answered.

  • Take a written list of your questions to the office and hand it to your doctor at the start of the consultation
  • If your blood pressure is taken, ask what the value is and write it down
  • If you are discussing blood work results, as for a copy and ask what the values mean and if they are on target.
  • If you get a medication prescription ask why, what the medication does and if there are any side effects.
  • If you the dosage of the medication you are already taking is being changed, ask why.
  • If you are being sent for an investigative test ask:

-- What is it for?

-- What will it tell you?

-- What do I have to do?

-- Do I continue to take my medication?

-- When will I get the results?

  • If you are describing a type of pain to your doctor be prepared to explain:

-- The character of the pain (sharp, dull, aching, etc.)

-- The intensity of the pain (severe, mild, nagging, etc.)

-- Does it radiate?

-- How long does it last?

-- How often do you get it?

-- What aggravates or brings on the pain/discomfort?

-- What relieves it?

  • Take a list of all of your current medications that you take.

Remember, take control...it's your health!

The articles, on the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada website, are presented with the understanding that the Foundation is providing information only and not rendering medical advise. Please check with your family physician, specialist or health care professional before implementing any of the ideas expressed in these articles.

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Diabetes and Heart Disease
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