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SickKids Foundation: Breakthrough Newsletter
“Healthier Hearts – For Life: A Partnership to Bring Cardiac Rehabilitation to Kids”

Young heart patient Jane playing with her mom. She’s an active toddler, with an active life.

It’s a simple, but powerful proposition: exercise is medicine. Canada’s first paediatric cardiac rehab program, recently launched at SickKids, puts that idea into practice for patients born with congenital heart disease. 1 in 100 babies are born with some kind of congenital heart defect. Currently, in Ontario, the vast majority – over 85% – come to SickKids for surgery. And the vast majority of these patients survive. That’s a huge success story. But what about life after surgery? These children’s parents face a dilemma: “Kids should be active. But I’m afraid my kid’s heart is too fragile for physical activity.” That concern is reinforced by current published guidelines on sports participation for patients with congenital heart disease (CHD), which mainly present restrictions. As a result, young patients who have had surgery, or have ongoing complex heart issues, often lead sedentary lives – which leads to obesity, diabetes, and poor quality of life.

The opportunity was cardiac rehab for kids – and the Cardiac Health Foundation, Cardiac Kids, and Bike2Play have partnered with SickKids to make it happen. In most provinces, government funding covers adult rehab. For the Cardiac Health Foundation, establishing and funding a paediatric cardiac rehab program fills a significant gap. As Barb Kennedy, Executive Director, Cardiac Health Foundation, and Leo DelZotto, their Board President, put it, “Our mission – ‘Prevention, Education & Cardiac Rehabilitation’ – has come full circle, from supporting Dr. Terry Kavanagh’s pioneer work in establishing cardiac rehab for adults across Canada 50 years ago, to now working with The Hospital for Sick Children to support cardiac rehab for kids and adolescents.”

In a brand new Exercise Medicine Room in the Labatt Family Heart Centre, Dr. Barbara Cifra and her team will deliver exercise and lifestyle coaching, based on each child’s condition and fitness level. New physiologic assessment techniques will be developed and validated, as will techniques for activity tracking in children. The impact of exercise and lifestyle counselling will be measured. When we know which strategies work best, we’ll share our knowledge beyond SickKids, in support of a long-term goal: clinical care that incorporates exercise as standard of care for patients across Canada.

The impact of this initiative will be to turn a restrictive mindset on its head. It will empower kids with CHD to participate in the physical activities they can do, instead of telling them what they can’t. Our objective is to make sure patients with CHD are active kids – who turn into lifelong healthy, active adults.

Patient and Caregiver Input Needed

The Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada (Cardiac Health Fdn.) needs input from patients living with atherosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of the arteries), and/or their caregivers. ... more

Diabetes And Heart Disease
The Tidal Wave Effect

We are pleased to announce the Heart Health publication in the National Post today featuring an article written by John Sawdon called “Diabetes and Heart Disease – The Tidal Wave Effect” found on page 3. Media Planet has come in as our MEDIA SPONSOR for the GTA WALK OF LIFE. ... more

Online version: http://www.personalhealthnews.ca/education-and-advocacy/type-2-diabetes-and-cardiovascular-disease-epidemic-in-canada

Stopping The Tsunami 2.0:
The future of cardiovascular risk and protection in type 2 diabetes

Canada continues to see a rapid rise in the incidence rates of type 2 diabetes and up to 60% of patients with this illness will die from cardiovascular disease. This greatly effects individuals and the healthcare system. However, recent ground-breaking research findings present new and exciting possibilities for preventing the ‘tsunami’, such as the availability of new therapeutic options to reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events.

Aligned with its mission to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD) and risk prevention for people with type 2 diabetes, we have again partnered with leading experts to publish an update to 2015’s whitepaper “Stopping the Tsunami: Overcoming Care Gaps in Cardiovascular Risk and Protection in type 2 diabetes”

If you are a type 2 diabetes patient or caregiver, please visit our ‘Did You Know?’ section for the latest cardiac health information and news.

Fin au tsunami 2.0 :
L'avenir du risque et de la protection cardiovasculaires dans le traitement du diabète de type 2

Le Canada continue de connaître une hausse rapide du taux d'incidence du diabète de type 2 et on estime que près de 60 % des patients diabétiques mourront des suites d'une maladie cardiovasculaire. L'impact sur les patients et le système des soins de santé est énorme. Les résultats d'une recherche avant-gardiste font état de nouvelles options thérapeutiques visant à réduire le risque d'événements cardiovasculaires majeurs et, par le fait même, prévenir un tsunami.

En harmonie avec sa mission de sensibilisation aux maladies cardiovasculaires (MCV) et à la prévention du risque chez les personnes atteintes de diabète de type 2, nous nous sommes associés à des experts du domaine pour publier une nouvelle version du livre blanc de 2015 intitulé « Fin au tsunami : combler les lacunes dans les soins en matière de risque et de protection cardiovasculaires dans le traitement du diabète de type 2. »

Si vous êtes un patient atteint de diabète de type 2 ou un aidant, veuillez consulter la section « Saviez-vous que » pour des renseignements récents sur la santé cardiovasculaire.

WELCOME to the 1st edition!

Welcome to the first edition of the bulletin! Our goal is to bring you up-to-date on news/happenings within the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada. Although we may produce a few print copies of this bulletin, it will be disseminated electronically. If you find it worthwhile and wish to add friends and relatives to our e-blast list, send the name and email address to Christina Mellos, our Operations Manager, at cmellos@cardiachealth.ca ... more

September 29th is World Heart Day!
Let’s Celebrate!

Stopping The Tsunami:
Care gaps in cardiovascular risk and protection in type 2 diabetes

Summary of a roundtable discussion on the care gaps in cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes, which took place on Monday October 26th, 2015, at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. The roundtable, moderated by Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, MD, involved leading experts in the field of Cardiology (Dr. David Fitchett, MD, FRCPC), Endocrinology (Dr. Jeremy Gilbert, MD, FRCPC) and Family Medicine (Dr. Richard Tytus, MD, FRCPC). ... more

Managing Heart Disease: Why Low Cholesterol is Better for Your Heart Health

Panel Discussion about MANAGING HEART DISEASE - led by Barbara Kennedy – Executive Director Cardiac Health Foundation Of Canada with Dr. Peter Lin and Dr. Shafiq Qaadri

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How it works

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The innoviCares plan is fully funded by the participating pharmaceutical and device manufacturers and is offered at no cost to you. Please note there are some different medication coverage offerings may differ in each province and all information pertaining to the program benefits can be found on the innoviCares website.

A big THANKS to Los Traviesos Team from Toronto2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games!

In August, the Toronto2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games staff, led by Scott Jones, Senior Manager, Sport, organized a series of teams for the 2014 Toronto Island Triathlon. A portion of the funds paid for this activity were charitable funds. In total $486.20 was raised for a local charity. The team of Dayna Roberts (swimmer), Derrick Cho (cyclist) and George Hubbard (runner) of Los Traviesos were the team selected to choose which charity to donate to. They chose the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada – and in the end, made a donation of $500.00.

Scott Jones – Senior Manager, Sport (left), Dayna Roberts – Coordinator, Protocol and Games Family Services (2nd from left), Barbara Kennedy – Executive Director, Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, and George Hubbard – Manager, Volunteer Outreach.

Prestigious Bayer 150th Anniversary Award

Dr. Terry Kavanagh was recently honoured as one of twenty outstanding Canadians who have contributed to science and innovation for his work in cardiovascular health and rehabilitation with a special award commemorating Bayer’s 150th Anniversary. Pictured Leo DelZotto Cardiac Health Foundation President, Dr. Terry Kavanagh, and Christian Lauterbach, Pres & CEO of Bayer Inc.

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Diabetes and Heart Disease
Remember Diabetes is a Major Risk Factor for Heart Disease, Heart Attack and Early Mortality. If you are Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic take our Risk Assessment to determine if you are at Risk. "Click Here"

Did You Know new research on a Canadian developed cholesterol medication shows it could help reduce risk of heart disease?