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25th Anniversary of the National WALK OF LIFE ®

The CARDIAC HEALTH FOUNDATION OF CANADA is pleased to announce its re-branding with a new name, logo, website, newsletter & magazine. Formerly called the Canadian Cardiac Rehabilitation Foundation , the new name evokes a positive response in advocating "Prevention, Education & Cardiac Rehabilitation".

Prevention is being stressed with an informative, interactive website to promote public awareness about identifying risk factors and recommending programs, sources and tools to deal with cardiac care and rehabilitation. The 'Cardiac Chronicles' magazine is jointly published with the Rouge Valley Health System and featured on the new website.

Education is addressed through free public lectures on various heart health issues and the sponsorship of the Dr.Terry Kavanagh professional lecture presented at the annual CACR conference. Four graduate scholarships are awarded annually, as well as funding for two graduate students as part of a U of T research endowment.

Cardiac Rehabilitation programs across Canada are endorsed and sponsored through the national WALK OF LIFE campaign.

The Cardiac Health Foundation has raised over $9 million since its inception as Marina Lodge and has funded the development of facilities (Toronto Rehab), medical equipment, research, scholarships, publications and lectures. The President of the Board of Directors for the past nine years has been Leo DelZotto. Other directors include: Bruce Avery, Harvey Fruitman, Ian Gibson, Roger Lefebvre, Brian Shedden, Adam Sorrenti, Paul Sawyer, John Tobin, Terry Fair, Don Fletcher.

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the WALK OF LIFE. It is anticipated that 40+ cardiac rehabilitation centres will participate in the National campaign from programs all across Canada. Toronto's WALK OF LIFE Day will be held on April 26, 2009 and many programs have co-ordinated their WALKS to coincide with the GTA celebration.

National Sponsors include: Tridel, Rogers, Local 183, Great West Life /London Life/Canada Life , BMO, Brooks, The Printing House and The Brand Factory.

For further information please contact:
Barbara Kennedy - Executive Director bkennedy@cardiachealth.ca
Phone: 416-730-8299
Fax: 416-730-0421
General enquiries: info@cardiachealth.ca
website: www.cardiachealth.ca or www.walkoflife.ca

The articles, on the Canadian Cardiac Rehabilitation Foundation website, are presented with the understanding that the Foundation is providing information only and not rendering medical advise. Please check with your family physician, specialist or health care professional before implementing any of the ideas expressed in these articles.

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