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2008 GTA Walk of Life

Celebrating 40 Years of Dr. Terence Kavanagh’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

2007 GTA Walk of Life Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to thank all of those wonderful and dedicated participants that attended this year’s WALK OF LIFE. It was the perfect event to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Dr. Terence Kavanagh’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Dr. Terry Kavanagh, world-renowned cardiac rehabilitation specialist and living legend, developed his unique exercise-based cardiac program forty years ago, and this approach to secondary prevention is still the accepted practice and has saved thousands of lives in Canada and around the world. Over that time, the CCRF has raised over $8 million for facilities, patient education, research, scholarships and equipment.

“It’s more than just a walk!!”

Special Guest

Jennifer Valentyne
This year’s 24th Walk of Life was held at the Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 and was our most successful yet. We were pleased to welcome our partner programs the Cardiac Fitness Association (Breslau, Ontario), Toronto Rehab, Toronto Western Hospital, and Women’s College and Health Initiative. The fabulous event was hosted by CityTV’s Jennifer Valentyne and George Jonescu, host of AM740’s Big Band Sunday Night. Over 1,050 participants took part in the 3 km, 5 km, and 7 km walk along the Martin Goodman Trail. It was not just a walk, but a family fun day filled with interactive exhibits, entertainment, food court, KidSport fun zone, Teletoon Area courtesy of Rogers, prizes and more. To top it off, we raised close to $400,000 for cardiac rehabilitation.

“Canadians lead a sedentary lifestyle, putting them at increased risk for heart disease,” said Dr. Terence Kavanagh. “Moderate exercise, like walking, about 30 minutes a day can significantly reduce this risk and rehabilitate people who are suffering from the disease”.

“Today’s event was tremendous success and I hope that it brings much needed attention to the importance of exercise in preventing heart disease” said Leo DelZotto, President of the CCRF.

Heart disease is still the number one cause of premature death in Canada, killing 80,000 Canadians and costing Canadian health systems $18.5 billion each year. An aging population, smoking, poor diet and physical inactivity are contributing factors to heart disease. Increasingly, it is the lack of physical activity that is causing poor heart health in Canadians. This is most apparent in youth, whose physical inactivity is putting them at increased risk for heart disease. In fact, this is the first generation of Canadians who may not outlive their parents.

Join us again next spring for our 25th Walk of Life!! Be safe, healthy and remember to keep walking!!

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