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My Story Testimonials:
of Individuals impacted by Cardiovascular and or Congenital Heart Disease

Thank you for providing such valuable resources for people passionate about their health and wellbeing. more ...

I have a rather random question. Two years ago, I participated in the Walk of Life in Toronto (after a successful double bypass surgery here at Trillium Mississauga Hospital) and upon entering the event, I was given a rubber bracelet with the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada logo printed on it
more ...

Thank you so much for your reply, and for sending me a replacement bracelet – it is greatly appreciated! more ...

I recommend that tomorrow morning you put a few common aspirins in a little tinfoil package in your various car door pockets. I just visited a friend who had a significant heart attack yesterday while driving to the gym. more ...

I was with you in Cardiac Rehab in 1993 – 94 and probably owe my health in part to you and your wonderful work. more ...

Ride For Rehab cyclist summer 2011

In 2006 Vanessa and I were surprised and shocked to discover that, at age twenty three, I had developed an eight centimeter dissection in my ascending aorta. more ...

First time WALK OF LIFE participant & run winner took part to raise funds for father

As both a competitive runner and a previous cardiac rehab patient, I was thrilled to take part in the 2010 Walk of Life in the GTA. I took part to raise funds and awareness for cardiac rehab, as well as for my father, who recently had a triple bypass and also successfully underwent a cardiac rehabilitation program. more ...

From Cardiac Patients to Cardiac Mentors: A 3-in-1 Testimonial from Peter Munk Mentor Volunteers

"Everybody's recovery is different," explains Jim Montgomery of his experience as a Peter Munk Mentor Volunteer. "We don't walk into the room with something we have to say...it's all patient-directed conversation." more ...

What Rehab Taught me

Previewing your arresting Cardiac Chronicles and learning of your change of name and mission, brought me back nine years to my choice of a rehab program after a triple bypass. more ...

Up until two years ago I had always led an active life, enjoying family, home, cottage, hobbies and travel; confident that a moderate lifestyle would protect me from health problems. So nobody could have been more shocked and unprepared to cope when I was hit with a heart attack one cold February morning. more ...

Not only was he the top individual fundraiser for the 2009 WALK OF LIFE raising over $8,000, but he has held this honour for the past 7 years convincing his many, many friends to donate over $50,000 to cardiac rehabilitation. more ...

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Diabetes and Heart Disease
Remember Diabetes is a Major Risk Factor for Heart Disease, Heart Attack and Early Mortality. If you are Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic take our Risk Assessment to determine if you are at Risk. "Click Here"

Did You Know new research on a Canadian developed cholesterol medication shows it could help reduce risk of heart disease?