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Testimonial and feature story on Irving Buchbinder

Not only was he the top individual fundraiser for the 2009 WALK OF LIFE raising over $8,000, but he has held this honour for the past 7 years convincing his many, many friends to donate over $50,000 to cardiac rehabilitation. Having survived his cardiac event years ago and successfully completing his cardiac rehabilitation, he has become a strong advocate of healthy living, exercise and a great attitude towards life. His has brought his wife Bernice of 54 years and his three children and six grandchildren to walk with him in the WALK OF LIFE. He is passionate about motivating others to achieve and give back to the community. In addition to raising money for the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, Irving is a founding member of the Association for the Welfare of Soldiers of Israel and has been recognized by the Israeli government for his fundraising efforts with them also. Thank You Irving!

Irving Buchbinder & his wife Bernice and children & grandchildren participate
in the 25th Anniversary of the WALK OF LIFE

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