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Join the "Walk of Life"

The "Walk of Life" is multiple fundraising events, staged across Canada to raise awareness and to support cardiac rehabilitation programs. The funds are raised locally through registration fees and/or pledges with the proceeds staying with the local program to purchase equipment, for patient education, materials and services.

The "Walk of Life" was initiated nationally in 2003 at 15 communities across Canada, raising over $200,000 for cardiac rehabilitation. Our goal for 2006 is to involve as many as 40 programs.This series of events (walkathon, run/walk etc.) is made possible by the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada (CHFC). The CHFC is a registered charitable organization founded in 1965 as " Marina Lodge" with a focus on raising funds for research and equipment in Toronto. Renamed in 2001, the Directors of CHFC decided to take more of a national focus by collaborating with the Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (CACR) on this national event.

CACR is a national not for profit association of health professionals who work in cardiac rehabilitation. The CACR is dedicated to building awareness of the benefits of cardiac rehab, research, continuing education, and program consistency through national guidelines. The CACR and CHFC are working together on the "Walk of Life." This is a collaborative effort to provide leadership to the participating local cardiac rehabilitation programs and to solicit national sponsorship. Funds raised through the local CHFC Walk event support the Terry Kavanagh Lecture at the CACR Annual Symposium and up to 3 CACR research awards of $3,000 each for cardiac rehabilitation or a related field at a Canadian university.

Benefits of Staging a national event in your community

  • National promotion of local fundraising activities.
  • National sponsorship to offset local expenses thus raising local net revenues.
  • Volume discounting of t-shirts and brochure design and printing.
  • Use of an established contact for T-shirt supply & screening, incentive prizes and draw prizes
  • Discounted incentive and draw prizes.
  • Multi site national walk events attract larger local sponsorship.
  • Expertise of several well established event organizers available to "first time" organizers.
  • National event tools (brochure, letter of agreement, final report template) to facilitate local planning and participation.
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