A number of publications intended to demystify Cardiovascular Disease and provide answers for individuals, family members, friends, students and others on how to embark on a healthy lifestyle in managing Cardiovascular Disease is contained within this section of our website. Many of these articles appeared previously under our DID YOU KNOW series and commented on such things as Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Exercise and Heart Disease, Nutrition, Symptom Management and Life Style change. The publications are now listed in alphabetical order according to their titles. Press on the link and the article will open for your viewing pleasure.

Although these articles are provided to enhance our understanding of the things we can do to manage our Heart Disease and improve our Health they are not intended as expert advice for your personal condition. For specific questions about your condition you should always consult with your Family Doctor, Cardiologist or Vascular Surgeon first.

We value your feedback including topic areas that we might consider for future articles. Send Comments to Public Education & Special Projects Director jsawdon@cardiachealth.ca

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The articles, on the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada website, are presented with the understanding that the Foundation is providing information only and not rendering medical advice. Please check with your family physician, specialist or health care professional before implementing any of the ideas expressed in these articles.